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Stefan Raupach is a Vancouver based visual artist, working with acrylics and mixed media. He received his initial art training when attending high school in Vernon BC, and has since been self-taught. His vibrant works range from expressive abstraction to cubic figures. 

Artist's Statement: 


"I am inspired by the philosophy of the now and use the experience of painting to preoccupy the mind and go deeply into the flow of the immediate experience. My paintings are developed through this idea, as unique forms take shape based on what I see developing in the image in the moment. This process often results in stylized, surreal and psychedelic finished pieces, conveying an otherworldly, dream-like state.


I see this state as ones of contemplation, personal meaning, memory, and feeling. My work is focused on visually depicting such experiences, which are often unable to be fully articulated in words. Rather, they are invoked and understood more powerfully through mood, colour, and shape." 



Lab Art Show (West 7th Studios) - May. 2014 


Pancakes and Booze Art Show (Republic)- Nov. 2014 


Kalama Collective Celebration of Life (Studio East) - Dec. 2014 


The Bohemian Playground (Red Gate Arts Society) - Feb. 2015 


Kalama Collective Soul'd Out Masquerade (Studio East) - Feb. 2015 


October Group Show (ROAM Gallery) - October. 2015


Featured Artist (Aphrodite's Cafe) - Jan 2016


Featured Artist (MAB Art studio and Gallery) - Feb 2016 

Art World Expo (Science World) - May 2016 

Painting and Prose (ROAM Gallery) - May 2016 

Featured Artist (West Coast SCI Physiotherapy) - May - July 2016 

Block Party Solo Show (Brainstation YVR) - Oct - Nov 2016 

January Group Show (ROAM Gallery) - Jan 2017 

Pop Up Art Show (Photon Studio) - June 2017 


"Poseidon's Wave" - Private Residence in Victoria - Oct 2014

"Morning Sun" - Collaboration with the City of Vancouver and Tunari Gumi - May 2015 

Private Collections: 

Vernon BC

Vancouver BC

Victoria BC 

Tofino BC

Fort McMurray AB

Calgary AB 


Grounders Magazine Edition 2 - Aug 2016 




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